My name is Paul Wilkins and I started writing what I considered to be poems many years ago. Many of them have been recognised as lyrics and I have expanded my work into writing carols and hymns as well as lyrics and poems.

Over the years I have written many which are available for viewing on the web and two of my lyrics (Christmas Time and Love Joy & Delight) have had music put to them by Brian Tough which you can sample.

My favourite band is Abba for their lively music and I also like Cliff Richard as the lyrics to his songs are very similar to mine. Music which is for easy listening and relaxing I tend to like but catchy lively music can be just as enjoyable.

Most of my lyrics are based on a feeling of goodwill, being happy with life and appreciating it together with treating others with respect and trying to make others feel better.

I suppose my main genre of music is what many would call “nice and easy”.

One day I hope to become famous since many of my friends, colleagues and other people have complimented me for my work and recommended having music put to them, so all I need to do is to get someone to put music to my work and have the songs available to artists for use in their performances. Ordinary folk seem to take a liking to my work and that is where the market is, so it is just a matter of climbing the ladder with others in the industry to succeed.

For special occasions and for people who have reached a milestone in their life I have written poems, including some celebrities who have acknowledged my work and been touched by the words. These can be viewed on the web.

With the work I do I have entered competitions and received certification for some of it such as reaching the semi-final in the UK Songwriting Competition. These certificates can also be viewed on the web.

I have also published a book called Many A Bright Star which are profile poems of famous people and is a book with a difference. Click on the title to take you to the bookstore for more details. It is also available on Amazon.

Thank you for taking the time to look at the website. I am confident you will appreciate it.

Should you wish to contact me, please click here to email me.

Once again, thank you very much.