The following three affirmations reflect how one can think of the world as a better place and in doing so act in accordance with beliefs. You can use the troubles you have experienced as stepping stones on the path to a better life. If everyone were to think this way the world would be a better place but to get everyone thinking positive is very unlikely – oops sorry I am being a bit negative here, everyone can think positively.


To Bring Love Into This World Forever, And Have Trouble Again Never

For You Your-Self To Succeed, No Matter How Hard A Deed

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To Go Along With The Affirmations Here’s A Nice Poem To Cheer Your-Self Up With

Just a few people thinking positive can have an immediate effect in their surrounding area and the knock on effect can be passed on to others nearby which in turn can have more effect. Think of it like how a virus spreads but it being positive rather than infectious.

The first affirmations – ones to bring love into this world forever, and have trouble again never - are to see the best in everyone – even if they are people you dislike for something they have done to you. Normally if they have done something bad to you it is because they have been victims somewhere else. There is good and bad in everyone and taking this approach will build the good and drown out the bad. This does have a warm feeling and as well as making others feel better it makes me feel better when I think it.

The second one shows willpower and tenacity to overcome hurdles in life. Many hurdles are not permanent but enforced upon individual people by their circumstances or being treated unfairly. Each individual is what they are irrespective of how society treats them and the limitations in their lives are what society places on them. It is like the saying ‘A chain is only as strong as its weakest link’ which is only true if everything works in series and is reliant on everything else. To overcome this you must work in parallel with these weak links and your chain will remain strong as it will have stronger links in parallel with the weakest links. Think of all these links in parallel as a connection and a connection of links is as strong as the strongest link since if the weakest ones break the strongest one will continue to hold the connection, because in parallel you have more than one link. Regularly say the affirmation - for you your-self to succeed, no matter how hard a deed – to keep your positivity fighting off your negativity and getting in the habit of thinking and feeling more positive.

This shows the willpower to work in parallel with normal everyday life. If you overcome the hurdles it shows the hurdles were external and not in yourself which gives a good feeling of accomplishment.

The third affirmation is to always look on the bright side of life. It can be difficult in hard times but the best things in life are free. If you have just a few friends but they are loyal then treasure them since true friendship is worth more than what money can buy. Also there are many of nature’s wonders which are wonderful and to admire these wonders will bring joy into your life. Nature can be cruel in some ways but it will never hold anything against you like people do personally. To go along with the affirmations is a nice poem to cheer your-self up with ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’. Saying this to myself certainly makes me think of a wonderful world we live in and by being positive can help make the way of the world better.

So I recommend you get in a routine of saying these affirmations, and poem, to increase your belief, along with many others, of this being a positive world and therefore help make it more of one.  Things won’t happen out of the blue, but the more the positive affirmations, and poem, are said by you the more you and others will have belief in it and make it more REALITY!

One statement applicable to everyone in this world is



'CAN' or 'CAN'T' you agree to this?

© Paul Wilkins